Press release

January 2019, and phase 2 of the work on the church site is underway, with discussions being undertaken with the design and build team on which area of the church to start with and when the work should begin.  The amount of work that is required is quite large covering

  • Repair to the external walls, especially the front wall
  • Internal walls to be re plastered
  • New windows – a total of 14
  • Repair to the doors
  • New floor as the old one is rotten
  • New heating, wiring and lighting
  • Redesign of the interior space to generate dividable areas
  • New Kitchen, Toilets, Storage and Church Office
  • Total redecoration
  • New Car Park

The initial work planned is to commence work in April starting with the removal and replacement of the floor, then prioritise the other areas subject to available funds and weather during the year and God willing to have the majority of the work finished by late 2019.

We are still fund raising to cover a shortfall and are always interested to hear from anyone who could help with this.  Already plans are underway for two people to do a sponsored walk along the 63 miles of St Cuthbert’s Way at the end of June, and further grant applications to assist us.  More events are planned and any ideas welcomed.

We are pleased to say that a generous grant towards the work has been received from All Churches Trust ( and this together with our funds in hand will help us get a good start.

A big thanks goes to

All Churches Trust for the grant

Bardfield Design and Build for not only the work but the continued assistance and support

The people of Great Sampford and friends wider afield for the support and interest in the project