Building work

December 2022

We now have a full up and running kitchen thanks to a very kind donation and we have another two new windows on order that should be ready in January 2023 thanks to other very kind donations, so the building work is almost complete. We still have another 5 windows to replace costing around £30,000 but God has got us this far so we are not deterred or downhearted as we are sure he will, as he has done, supply all our needs. We also still need to repoint three outside walls and redo the car parking area but with so much already achieved we continue on in faith. There is also  repair and redecorating work going on in the back room of the chapel thanks to some folk from our congregation.

April 2021

The scaffolding is up and the work has started on repairing the front of the building. We thank God for his continuing influence and support in these challenging times.


April 2020

We didn’t get back into the chapel for Easter due to the Covid-19 crisis and we are not yet ready when we can as there is still a bit of finishing and tidying up to do of this phase but here are some  photos so you can see where we are at. The chapel is looking lovely and bright now it is painted blue and an off white, the new lights are great and we have new heating and ceiling fans, plus the disabled and one other toilet. It has been a lot of work and an ongoing process but we are thankful that God has it all in his hands and we are just obediently following His lead.

The next phase will be to repair the front wall both inside and out, that’s why we haven’t yet painted the inside front wall and also to replace the windows.

We need to raise additional funds to start this phase so if you can help with fundraising please let us know.

Thanks and God bless. Rev Sue

March 2020

Hope to be back in the chapel for the Easter Services, pictures of the inside of the chapel will be posted soon once we have tidied up a bit. Work provisionally booked to start on the front wall on the 15th June, at the moment we don’t have the money to do this work but are trusting God and praying that folk will be generous to help us. When completed the chapel building will be a fantastic asset to the village and a wonderful place for us to worship God.

January 2020

Not yet back in the chapel but hoping to be by the end of March when we will have completed this phase of new floor, new staircase to gallery, new toilets, new lighting, new heating and decoration of inside of chapel.

Next phases are:

  1. Front wall  repairs
  2. New Windows
  3. Installation of new kitchen
  4. installation of new chapel office
  5. new flooring throughout
  6. revamping of car park

As ever we are relying of God to provide the funds and resources to complete the work however we are confident that as we prayerfully seek his help, he will as he has up to now provide for all our needs. We thank God for his Grace and Faithfulness.

12th July 2019 Building update

Plastering being done, waiting for new stairs to be made and delivered and organ being moved so that we can replace the floor under it. The chapel is taking on a whole new feel, a long way to go yet but we are getting there and we continue to thank God for his guidance and supply of what we need to continue His work in this place.

Friday 2nd July 2019

The stairs should be going in next week and then I will post new photo’s as nothing has happened recently because we were waiting for the stairs to be delivered.

Update 13th June 2019

Toilets and storage room being built, steels are in, floor in back room now has insulation fitted and Sara, Rev Sue and Yvonne are wearing our sponsored walk t-shirts and are ready to go on Friday 28th. Melrose to Lindisfarne here we come (62 miles), if you haven’t yet sponsored us there is still time so that we can then start work on the front wall of the chapel. Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement.


Concrete floor now laid and drying, next job the walls are being built for the toilets and store room, steels put into place under the balcony and the temporary supports removed. New stair case to be installed and the floor to have a screed. This planned phase is becoming a reality as we plan for the next and raise the funding. Please sponsor Rev Sue, Yvonne and Sara as they walk St Cuthbert’s way (Melrose, Scotland to Lindisfarne, Northumberland at the end of June, if you can. Baptist churches are self-funding so we rely on God’s provision through your generosity. Thank you for your interest and support.

Update 28th May 2019

13th May 2019


Update 2-5-19 Continuing progress

Work started on the chapel yesterday. (30-4-19)