Building work

Work started on the chapel yesterday. (30-4-19)

Update 2-5-19 Continuing progress

13th May 2019


Update 28th May 2019

Update 13th June 2019

Concrete floor now laid and drying, next job the walls are being built for the toilets and store room, steels put into place under the balcony and the temporary supports removed. New stair case to be installed and the floor to have a screed. This planned phase is becoming a reality as we plan for the next and raise the funding. Please sponsor Rev Sue, Yvonne and Sara as they walk St Cuthbert’s way (Melrose, Scotland to Lindisfarne, Northumberland at the end of June, if you can. Baptist churches are self-funding so we rely on God’s provision through your generosity. Thank you for your interest and support.

Toilets and storage room being built, steels are in, floor in back room now has insulation fitted and Sara, Rev Sue and Yvonne are wearing our sponsored walk t-shirts and are ready to go on Friday 28th. Melrose to Lindisfarne here we come (62 miles), if you haven’t yet sponsored us there is still time so that we can then start work on the front wall of the chapel. Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement.

12th July 2019 Building update

Plastering being done, waiting for new stairs to be made and delivered and organ being moved so that we can replace the floor under it. The chapel is taking on a whole new feel, a long way to go yet but we are getting there and we continue to thank God for his guidance and supply of what we need to continue His work in this place.

Friday 2nd July 2019

The stairs should be going in next week and then I will post new photo’s as nothing has happened recently because we were waiting for the stairs to be delivered.