Church Buildings

22.6.22 Update: The conversion of the hall was completed and we are almost finished working on the chapel although there is still some to be done including 7 more new windows and repointing the three side walls as well as replacing any damaged bricks. However the kitchen is almost complete and we expect this to be up and running by the end of July

Dear Friends,

At our Church meeting last week it was decided that we would go forward with plans for the church buildings as follows obviously subject to planning permission and funds becoming available.
We plan to sell the Manse in Homebridge, this is the house that Malcolm and I currently live in which belongs to the church and to change the church hall into the Manse so that we and any future minister and their family will live next door to the church. This actually just puts us on the other side of the church to where the original Manse was. With monies left over and hopefully grants we will upgrade our church building, which I sure you will have noticed looks very sad and tired these days to continue to be a place of worship but also a community facility (hall) within the village that will compliment the facilities already here i.e. the village hall.
As you can imagine we are excited and a bit scared at the same time about the future but trust that God is guiding us and continue to pray for that guidance and ears that are open and listening to what he is saying.
If you have any questions or ideas for fundraising or can offer any help please feel free to contact either me on 586164 or Beryl our Church Secretary on 586432 or Ann our Treasurer on 586480.

God bless Sue

29.10.15 Update: we have appointed a surveyor/architect and are awaiting their report since the survey.

29.9.16 Update: our planning application has been submitted and we await news

1.6.18 Update: the building work starts on Monday 4th June