About Us

Although we are still not open for worship partly due to the building work and partly due to Covid 19 we are still working away as we are led by God. The minister is producing a service sheet every week and we have been journeying through the book of Acts. If you would like to see copies then go to the service and reflections page on this website. We look forward to welcoming you back into the chapel building in due course but for now remain in contact via this website or email and if you need prayer then please get in touch.

There has been a Baptist Chapel in Great Sampford since 1802 and the present building was erected in 1875. It is a typical nineteenth century chapel building being very simple in architecture.

This year 2017 we have managed to replace the church roof and as we go into 2018 we look forward to the building works taking place to convert our church hall into a home for our minister and her husband (the Manse). Planning has been approved and tender documents will be going out to selected builders very soon and we hope to have the house completed for them to move in by the autumn. We will then be concentrating on upgrading our church building into not only our place of worship but also a community space for use by the village during the day. We do have a village hall which forms part of our local primary school therefore the children have need of it most of the day, so we feel our new space will complement and enhance the facilities in the village.

We are a small congregation with a heart for ministry out into our village and surrounding area. We try to follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus who spent most of his time with folk outside the Synagogue. We regularly pray for local people’s needs especially when they are ill and for the well-being of the village community as a whole. Anyone needing prayer please let us know. We also seek to make Jesus known to all through our words, deeds and actions.

Our minister is the Rev Sue Johnston who has been here since 2009.

High Street
Great Sampford
Saffron Walden
Essex CB102RG

Pastor: Rev Sue Johnston
Tel: 01799 586164
email: Pastor@greatsampfordbaptistchurch.co.uk

January 2019, and phase 2 of the work on the church site is underway, with discussions being undertaken with the design and build team on which area of the church to start with and when the work should begin.  The amount of work that is required is quite large covering

  • Repair to the external walls, especially the front wall
  • Internal walls to be re plastered
  • New windows – a total of 14
  • Repair to the doors
  • New floor as the old one is rotten
  • New heating, wiring and lighting
  • Redesign of the interior space to generate dividable areas
  • New Kitchen, Toilets, Storage and Church Office
  • Total redecoration
  • New Car Park

The initial work planned is to commence work in April starting with the removal and replacement of the floor, then prioritise the other areas subject to available funds and weather during the year and God willing to have the majority of the work finished by late 2019.

We are still fund raising to cover a shortfall and are always interested to hear from anyone who could help with this.  Already plans are underway for two people to do a sponsored walk along the 63 miles of St Cuthbert’s Way at the end of June, and further grant applications to assist us.  More events are planned and any ideas welcomed.

We are pleased to say that a generous grant towards the work has been received from All Churches Trust (https://www.allchurches.co.uk) and this together with our funds in hand will help us get a good start.

A big thanks goes to

All Churches Trust for the grant

Bardfield Design and Build for not only the work but the continued assistance and support

The people of Great Sampford and friends wider afield for the support and interest in the project